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Stop The Mandate! The Venom Doesn't Work!

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Let me get straight to the point. This is the dumbest I have ever seen humanity be. The psychological handicap, the inability to think, reason and connect the dots is making masses of people be willing crash test dummies. It doesn't make sense that we the people rioted and burned down portions of cities this summer supposedly over the death of one George Floyd but now that humanity is faced with a deadly venom mandate the resistance is practically invisible. The situation is getting more and more ridiculous by the hour as the cowards that be in power add on more and more ridiculous stipulations to the unlawful, unnecessary mandate. We are being ordered to ignore the reality that our lying eyes are seeing in front of us and to believe the talking puppets on television and mass media who relentlessly repeat, "go get vaccinated" without regard for any other alternative. The inconsistencies and outright lies are too many to keep up with at this point.

The many mouthpieces promoting the Venom have to keep moving the goalposts in order to not sound totally stupid. First they said the vax venom prevents one from getting the virus as people got the jab and got the virus anyway. Then they said it doesn't totally prevent but provides a layer of protection from the virus which is a pile of crap considering the not one, not two, but three shots administered including a booster shot. People getting the virus after getting three shots of the Venom to me means the Venom doesn't work. Now the fully jabinated but infected victims are saying that the jab saved their life even though it did not prevent them from getting the virus, insinuating that their illness would have been worse had they not gotten the Venom. Never mind the number of unjabinated survivors of the virus. The talking puppets on TV never give any statistics of the survival rate, only the exaggerated death rates. It is insane to witness so many thoroughly educated people blindly repeat the same pro jab talking points like programmed robots. It is insane to watch so many people who I once considered intelligent fall for the deception and the tyranny so easily. But then again I can't play too clueless because I have been raging about the dumbing down of society through the public fool system, television and mass media for decades now. I watched rap music go from sugar to shit in the early to mid-90s. I knew that all of this deliberate dumbing and numbing of the public was for a reason. I knew that the cowards that be were going to pull a stunt of some type. Oh yes I am a conspiracy watcher and what else can any truly awake person be while knowing that this corporation plantation called the USA is one big conspiracy.

In the 90s I became aware of and began listening to Steve Cokely as he laid out the conspiracies in detail going so far as to even name the names of the conspirators. Of course Black America was too busy partying and bullshittin to listen to Brother Cokely. The terms "Illuminati" and "boule" were unheard of until Brother Cokely started exposing it through his underground recordings that could be found on VHS and audio cassette tapes. I don't expect the many YouTube channels that so loosely use those terms today to give Steve Cokely his props. Hell some of them might be too young to even know who he is but they should because that is the man who sacrificed his personal life and well being to get this information when nobody else was even thinking about it at all. This was before the internet and social media. He did what he did with self determination and he described himself as a risk taker. I digress slightly but I will tie it together. Here we are in an age where information is literally at our fingertips yet we are dumber than we have ever been. Our ability to think critically is almost non-existent now. A pre patented venom which has proven to be harmful and deadly is being pushed as a protection or a layer of protection against bogus 19,. If not that then it is just something this government says you better damn well get OR ELSE ...... and the list of everything that follows the "or else" is getting bigger everyday. It is sophisticated terrorism For America to do this to its citizens but then again it takes unsophisticated, sheep herd stupidity for We The People to go along with it. STOP THE MANDATE ! THE. VENOM DOES NOT WORK!

Written By Ba'Ron Foxworth (Khamisi Fox)

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